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Beck Training emphasizes teaching proper techniques to enhance strength, speed, explosiveness, power, and also focuses on movements that increase agility, mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Alicia Beck, Owner/Trainer
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    Personal Training
    Looking for individual instruction and motivation? This is the choice for you! You'll receive 60 minutes of fitness instruction that is programmed around your fitness level and goals. This is great for all levels of fitness.
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    Small Group Training
    A great option for couples and friends, small group training gives you the opportunity to get fit with others. You'll split the cost, but get all the benefit from our constantly varied workouts. This is available for groups of 2-4 people.
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    Special Classes
    From time-to-time, Beck Training offers classes aimed to help you achieve special fitness goals. Check out our class offerings page to see what's happening at The Hive.